Evaluation criteria

When analyzing a new NFT project, we use a standard set of indicators, in order to have a fair result comparatively to all other projects. The maximum no. of points a project can obtain is 100, meaning the project obtained the highest mark on all our indicators.

From time to time, we will revisit the projects in our top 100 and will update their scoring. For every project, we will note the date that score was awarded and if more than 3 months have passed since our review, the reader should consider the information as being outdated.

Our current indicators are presented below. Projects will score for each indicator between 1 point (very low) and 10 points (great). For any suggestions, please contact us here.

1. Team quality, credibility and portfolio [10%]

2. Clear vision and roadmap [10%]

3. Art quality and artist [10%]

4. Community size and growth [10%]

5. Novelty [10%]

6. Community engagement and transparency of communication [10%]

7. Utility and scarcity [10%]

8. Minting price and no. of tokens [10%]

9. Subjective mark of the evaluator [20%]